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Data Recovery For Windows

Without a doubt, the Microsoft Windows operating system is the most used operating system on the planet. It is a robust operating system, far better than its predecessors, and features built-in system restore tools which can recover files and data in a lot of cases. But in cases of file system error or hard drive failure, the Windows OS itself cannot provide what you need. Many hard drive crash scenarios do in fact require professional data recovery for Windows. This service is provided by Data Recovery Software Services.

When A Hard Drive Fails

Data loss situations can typically be classified into two major data recovery categories. Maybe your hard drive had a partition table failure, or maybe a virus wiped out the boot sector. Maybe you accidentally deleted a file. For situations like these, data recovery for windows software is the best possible solution, and is fast and accurate. Meanwhile, if you have lost photos, DRSS has Photo Recovery software to recovery photos off of any digital camera media, including Memory Stick, Compact Flash and SmartMedia cards.

It is important to remember that when choosing data recovery software for Windows, you should never use a hard drive recovery program that requires installation directly onto your hard drive after data loss has occurred. If you do install, you run the risk of overwriting your lost data, making it completely unrecoverable.

Data Recovery Software Services provides data recovery for Windows software with a small footprint. This means it take up little amounts of space, enabling you to run the program from external media, such as a CD or floppy disk.

The second category of data loss cannot be fixed with software. If your hard drive crash is due to physical damage, such as overheating, the experts at DRSS should be the first people you call. Upon a free evaluation, experts will be able to pinpoint your problem, and give you an accurate assessment of what it will take to fix it. DRSS guarantees that if they cannot recovery your data, you will not be charged.

Data Elimination At times, businesses need to eliminate all the information they have stored on their computers. If you are upgrading systems, you want to ensure that none of your company's information is accessible to anyone who handles the computers afterwards. DRSS offers a Disk Wipe Pro, which meets the Department of Defense standards, instilling confidence that your information will be safe from others.

Experience means a lot in this business, especially when your valuable data is on the line. DRSS has been around since 1984, back in the age of Macintosh and Commodore home computers. We have one of the only clean room labs in the country, ensuring no outside debris contaminates your drive, making matters worse. Contact our experienced data recovery for Windows specialists to find out how our services can save your business lost profits.

Click here to read about Shipping Instructions for your media. Or, read about our RAID/Server data recovery service.

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