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Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Although Data Recovery Software Services was established as a data recovery software developer and vendor, we quickly discovered that hard disk recovery services were an essential service for many of our clients, particularly because in cases of physical or mechanical hard drive or media damage, software can be all but useless.

We then moved to hire some of the most experienced technicians in the business, and developed a continual training program to ensure all of our data recovery personnel are experienced with the newest technology. That program continues on today.

What Are The Symptoms Of Physical Or Mechanical Hard Drive Problems?

As noted above, there are many situations where data recovery software is simply ineffective because of mechanical issues with the device itself. Below are some key symptoms to watch for.

1. Your hard drive makes strange noises, such as clicking or whirring.

2. Your hard drive does not seem to make any noise at all when you start up.

3. During Startup, your BIOS does not recognize that a hard drive is available (this is one of the most common symptoms)

4. Your DOS FDisk program does not recognize your drive.

5. Your system has encountered accidental or natural mechanical damage, such as flood waters, intentional vandalism or fire.

In cases like the above, no data recovery software on the market today can help. Your drive can only be repaired and the data recovered using specialized clean room technology available to a few shops in North America. Our shop does feature such a facility. Contact us right away, and do not attempt to recover your drive with software, and ensure your media is unplugged, so that no permanent data loss occurs.

Disaster Recovery

In the event that your drive or system has encountered natural, accidental or intentional disasters such as flood damage, vandalism or fire, please ensure you do not apply power to your device. This could damage the device (and, in fact, your system) and render your data unrecoverable.

Instead, package it in a waterproof container until it can be examined by a hard disk data recovery professional in a safe, clean room environment.

No Charge Data Recovery Evaluation

Data Recovery Software Services does not charge you to evaluate your media in our facilities. Also important to note is the fact that we do not price our services on high or low quote-type levels.

With a "quote based system", your hard drive recovery can cost as much as $3,000, with most quote-based companies offering quotes at the higher end of that range. As well, many companies offer exaggerated turnaround times for their services, and weak communication as the process occurs. Communication is one of our service cornerstones, as we understand that catastrophic data loss can be very stressful, as your data is on the line.

For multiple drives or RAID systems get a quick flat rate price quote on your media right here.

Our wide range of hard disk data recovery service experience enables us to handle drives and media based on the following platforms and devices:

  • MS Outlook PST File Recovery
  • Unix, Xenix and Linux Systems (on EXT, EXT2, UX or NFS)
  • Microsoft DOS and Windows IDE Drives
  • Macintosh and Novell
  • SCSI Devices (please call for a quote)

Roughly 75% of hard drives sent to us are recovered within a period of 2-6 business days. We are willing to compete to show you the value of Data Recovery Software Services hard disk recovery. Please call us with competitive quotes, and we will beat any prices upon review. Click here to read about Shipping Instructions for your media. Or, read about our RAID/Server data recovery service.

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