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Our Professional Bundle - Powerful Data Recovery Software

For additional savings, our Professional's Power Tool package provides you with all the data recovery software resources and tools you need to recover from almost any data loss situation, aside from a mechanical drive problem. This includes such typical losses as those caused by FDisk problems and partition formatting. This package is particularly critical for system technicians and administrators on the go, and it offers the most comprehensive data recovery software tools and resources available on the market today. Plus, with the inclusion of the Recover It All package, you gain the ability to clone, image, analyze and securely wipe any form of media you are working with, as well as professionally recover from any Windows crash.

Various Media Support

This particular package supports most types of media, including floppy disks, removable media such as ZIP, Jaz and CD-R, and many more, including comprehensive server tools. When you order the IT Professional's Power Tools package, you will receive:

With the IT Professional's Power Tools package, you receive an administrator license, which enables you to use it on multiple systems.

Fast File Recovery - Fast File Recovery enables you to recover seemingly lost files from your drive safely and securely. This works especially well for individual files, and can be used on multiple systems.

Fast File Undelete - Install this product on your system, and quickly recover accidentally deleted user files within minutes.

TurboClone - Clone user drives immediately for backup on removable media and/or network drives.

Recover It All - Offers the ability to rebuilt boot sectors and partition tables with quick effectiveness. This comes package features a robust Administrator Version.

Safe Disk Wipe Pro - Sanitize your company's hard drives before trading them up, and keep important data out of the hands of competitors. Meets Department of Defense standards for security. This package includes a 10-user license.

Photo Recovery Plus - Accidentally deleted photo files can be easily recovered from all digital camera media, including Memory Stick, Compact Flash and SmartMedia cards.

Purchasing each of these products separately costs more than $1600, but with the Professional's Power Tools package, you save over $1000, with a complete bundled price of $599.00.

Important Demo Download Notes

It is important to note that all of the above programs are available for download after purchase, with Recover It All being the exception, as it must be registered via phone or email once it has been purchased.

To register over the phone, simply download the demo .

To register via email, simply download the demo, run the executable, and then extract it to a floppy disk. Then, reboot your computer to DOS with the floppy disk inserted.

At the DOS A:\ prompt, simply type in mtl.exe. The program will begin, and ask you if you would like to register immediately. Enter "Yes". The program will then provide you with a public key, and a blank area where a User key can be entered.

Copy the Public key, and email its contents to our support address at [email protected] Do not shut down the Recover It All until you have received your User key. This is because the program generates a new Public Key each time it is run until it is registered.

If you need help, or have any questions about our software products, or the IT Professional's Pro Tools package, contact us

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