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When your server goes down, having the best server disaster recovery software in place is critical to getting your mission critical systems back up and running. A server can be the very heart of an organization, with email, database and customer service information accessible at the click of a mouse. When this critical IT asset goes down, it is crucial to have a plan to recover and move on.

Server Disaster Recovery Software - Required?

Server disasters can happen at a moments notice. Of course, this is why they call them disasters. Planning should include a number of factors, and every IT administrator should have an action plan which takes into account all contingencies. This may include not only simple database and file system corruptions, but also incidents such as floods or fire, and of course, physical hard drive failures.

Backups should be a key component for every action plan to help Server Disaster Recovery. That way, even in cases of catatonic hardware failure, there is some data to be recovered onto quickly installed hardware.

Having a two pronged server data backup plan is a great idea, and having not only a local, tape driven backup, but also a remote backup (preferably to a server at another location) is the best way to ensure you are safe as opposed to sorry.

Looking for Server Disaster Recovery Software? We may be able to help.

Contact us here for either a quote, or to determine whether your issue can be corrected with Server Disaster Recovery Software, or with a more potent industrial physical data recovery process. This process may include shipping the hard drives to our lab, but is only necessary in cases where actual physical hard drive failure has occurred.

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