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Client Testimonials

From time to time, we at Data Recovery Software Services request that our clients issue us a testimonial, as they are our most honest critic. As a customer of Data Recovery Software Services, your suggestions for features and feedback on our hard disk recovery service is critical to our business. It has helped us to remain in business and stay profitable even during lean times. We thank all of our customers for putting their trust in us. Here are just a few testimonials to the services we provide clients:

"I wanted to let everyone down there at (Data Recovery Software Services) know that your Recover It All product accomplished everything you said it would and more.

Recently, our sales manager spent a few months in Europe solidifying some of the partnerships we had made with some of the suppliers and customers we deal with on a daily basis. When he returned, he had months worth of important data on his laptop - data that he couldn't properly back up while traveling. Then, on the first week back in the office, his PC crashed, and we found ourselves with no data, and a very uncooperative NTFS partition. I remember he joked that I should try to recover the data, at least until he could find a new career!

After almost 8 hours tinkering with the laptop, in hopes of getting something back, I decided to turn to the web, where I found your company. I downloaded Recover It All at 5 pm that day, and after registering it through your support department, I recovered all that was there - in only 2 hours! I couldn't believe how well it worked! And, I've got to say that it was refreshing to find that your support department was there after hours to answer my questions.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
John Mallard
Network Administrator


Thanks again for what I consider to be a truly amazing product. After trying all of the other competitor brands, including some from very popular utilities package, I realized that Recover It All was the best of the bunch!

I found myself with two unbelievably messed up NTFS partitions, and I'd seen no results from any product until I tried Recover It All. I'd even called a data recovery company, and they basically told me that they would have charged me $2,000 for what your product did for $500. Plus, now that I have Recover It All, I can use it on my system and use it to prevent problems in the future, as opposed to a one-shot data recovery deal!

I was also pretty happy to be able to get a hold of a technical person at your office, even though it was after 5pm on a Friday! Talk about dedication! He recommended the right route to take right away, and literally saved me days worth of wasted time.

Many thanks,
Phillip P. Glines


I'd like to thank everyone down at Data Recovery Software Services for their help! Your Data Recovery Turbo product allowed me to recover most of my files when I thought they were gone for good. My hard drive was certainly in a state. The pictures I took while on assignment for the US Army in Qatar, for example, were completely irreplaceable. And of course, who thinks to back up? I didn't, at least until now! Thanks again for bringing back not only my files, but all those great memories that might've been lost otherwise.

Jake Mathers


...Your Fast File Undelete product just saved me lots of time, but more importantly, more money than I'd like to mention! I run a hard drive centered recording studio in New York, and some West Coast clients recently spent a week with me recording some commercials. Then, when I went to mix their project, I discovered that hundreds of their sound files were missing. I checked the backup drive, and sure enough they weren't there either. I was sure I'd have to fly all of the performers back in on my own money and pay for their time. Fortunately, I found your website in Google, and downloaded Fast File Undelete right away. It found all of the files quite quickly, and I restored them right away. Out of the hundreds of files I recovered, only one was completely unusable.

Thanks again!


Dave, Let's just say I owe you guys an unbelievable amount! In hindsight, I was way too skeptical, and I'm surprised you didn't hang up on me. I apologize, but I was getting really frustrated trying other products that didn't work, and hearing the same old, same old. My problems stopped thanks to your Recover It All product. It's the best $300 I've ever spent.

Carl Synchensen


I ordered your Fast File Recovery product, and within 45 minutes, all of my data was back. I had accidentally thrown out hundreds of files in a really important folder, and when I realized it was going to cost me anywhere from $500 to $3000 to get my data back, well, let's just say I panicked big time!

Fortunately, I calmed down enough to find you guys on the Internet. I'd just like to say that anyone who finds you guys can rest assured that their data will be OK. Fast File Recovery is awesome! You guys are the best.

Jason Van Rosmalen


Wow, did your Recover It All product ever save us. Recently, a terminated (and quite disgruntled) employee intentionally reformatted six extremely important disks and a hard drive. We bought every tool out there that claimed to recover from formatting, but none of them worked. After trying them all, none of them could even come close to Recover It All! It was also great to speak to a real human being when we needed support. I highly recommend Data Recovery Software Services to everyone!

Charles Roberts
Network Consultant
Dynamic Integrations Ltd.

Have you had an experience with our hard disk recovery services or data recovery software that you would like to share to our website visitors? If so, please contact us here, and thanks for considering us.

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